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Kids Mask

  One of these masks was found near a primary school. The local schools colour is blue like the mask so I’m guessing it belongs to a child. Usually an ice-cream van parks near where I found it so most likely a kid forgot to tuck it carefully into his/her pocket as they concentrated on their sweet iced delight making their way home. After recording the find I placed it back where I found it.


  It’s common for me to find the odd bit of money, accidentally dropped by a shopper; this was found tucked out of view not far from the tills at the local Tesco. When I find money of any value I pop it into a pot; the reason being is that it belongs to the streets like the homeless people. The next day I spent some of my find by buying a strawberry milk shape from McDonald’s for a homeless person in the city.

Dead Frog

An old man coming out of his house points out a frog on the ground. We all thought is was alive. Unfortunately it was dead; perhaps died in a cold snap or hadn’t been able to escape the sun and consequently dried up. Will be interesting to see what happens to the frog as it decomposes. 

Luna Jim

  Today's find is an A lliance Atlantis M attel toy, L una J im 2006 found on a wall near a primary school . Will I put it back? Sorry no, I'm rather found of this one.